Neither, I’m a Map Designer

Under the Hood: How to construct an international for American Truck Simulator
This article became at first created for Vortex, Czech-based media. Due to the growing interest in distinctive positions in SCS, we decided to translate the entire mini-collection of those talks to submit right here, on our blog. Today, we convey you first episode, offering OndÅ™ej “Duffator” Dufek – ATS international architect

When I meet a person for the first time, they frequently Minecraft indirin ask “So, what do you do exactly?”. “I make video video games, I’m a recreation developer” I regularly say, looking ahead to extra questions to comply with. “Oh, exciting, sounds cool” they respond, however I can tell that they do not recognize what that means and preserve to ask more. “So work in programming or pics?” is a not unusual follow-up query. “Neither, I’m a Map Designer” that is normally followed by means of extra confusion. And it’s why I’m here – to explain what exactly a Map Designer in SCS Software does for a residing.

As the name shows, the primary function of a Map Designer is to create maps. Our activity is to create a digital global and surroundings wherein a participant travels and works. In SCS Software as you understand, we create truck simulators, so we have to create the whole lot you could probable see out of doors of your digital truck’s window.

“Ah, so that you create 3-D Graphics!” might be the principle thought walking via your thoughts right now, but that isn’t always completely authentic. To clarify what we do extra, I like to think about map designing just like building with Lego bricks or gambling Minecraft. Being a Map Designer isn’t approximately making an character dice or element, nor does he create a selected version which includes a house, bench, tree. All of those are created by using his colleagues inside the asset branch, so he can placed them collectively in a map editor, developing a small a part of our open global. With sufficient trees, you will get a wooded area, with a number of buildings, you will make a metropolis. We’re known as Map Designers due to the fact our game space isn’t always composed of individual recreation levels, it’s far an open world which we watch in most cases from a birds-eye view. So the assessment to the advent of a map offers itself.