Best Cure for Blood Clots with Purathrives Liposomal

The blood vessels clotting problem can occur due to excess of cholesterol deposition. The health experts give many reasons for this phenomenon among men and women of different age groups. Actually cholesterol is a natural element produced by the human body. It is required to control the biological and metabolic activities. AS long as cholesterol is within the normal limits (as determined by the medical records related to an individual), the activities of the body remain unaffected. It is only when the levels cross the threshold limit that the problems start. If you wish to get more information you need to go here.

go hereCholesterol and Fat – Close Connection

Cholesterol and fat have a closer connectivity. This could be due to the molecular structure of the two which have stronger attraction for each other. So, if your body cholesterol is high it is natural that the fat levels also increase. Again there are two parts of fat which contribute to the positive and negative effects. The unsaturated fat is in fact good which gets converted into energy. The saturated fat is tough to burn. When it combines with cholesterol it can cause obesity, blockage of blood vessels, cardiovascular disorders etc.

  • Research: – Cholesterol can form into a thick layer and get deposited in the inner walls of blood vessels. While doing so they develop resistance to their destruction. This is because the cells on which they get deposited are completely covered by the layer. This requires a stronger supplement which can break the barrier and dissolve them. Extended research works into breaking of cholesterol wall resulted in limited results until the experts came across Liposome. They were found to have very close connectivity with the human cells due to their molecular structure. When this element was added with antioxidants like turmeric extract, the results proved to be astonishing.
  • Implementation: – The experts had finally been able to break the barrier that cholesterol had posed. Now they needed a neutral liquid which could deliver the combination to the blood vessels’ walls. Glycerin was their natural choice. By adding the three elements at the Purathrives  laboratories, they were able to derive the perfect supplement for blood clotting. The process of coagulation happening due to cholesterol could be successfully reversed when the supplement was used in controlled manner.

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  • Results: – The first successful results were discovered when the experts used the combination under laboratory conditions. The same results were repeated when the supplement was put to test after human consumption. Test dosages were administered to a group of patients suffering from hypertension due to blood clotting. The results after a period of 15 days proved to be encouraging for the experts. The main concern of the researchers was the probable side effects of the supplement. They had special concerns about the patients with hypertension and diabetic conditions. To their surprise they found great results in the moderate levels of control over blood glucose as well. Today Purathrives  Liposomal supplement is being successfully used by thousands of patients suffering from blood clot problems.