Discover How to Sell Your House Yourself

You need to know how to sell your house yourself. Rather than stumping up a 7% realtor fee, you have decided to do it on your own! No matter what people tell you, it is very possible to sell your house yourself. You just need to make sure you have enough time to research everything thoroughly. Within this article, I would like to provide some handy tips on how to write your ad!

Advertising is the key to selling your house yourself. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is or how wonderfully priced it is. If no-one knows your property is on the market, it will never sell. Whether you choose to advertise in newspapers, magazines, via leaflet drops or online you must have an ad that will grab people’s attention.

Firstly is your headline. This should have some catchy phrases that will want to make people read the rest of the ad! Try things such as “priced for a quick sale”, “the best school in the area situated nearby”. Just be as imaginative as possible.

Next i would bullet point the things that prospective buyers need to know. Bedrooms, bathrooms, distinguishing features and size in square feet. The reason i say to keep this to bullet points is because people can easily lose attention when reading big, meaty paragraphs. So keep each point short and sweet. Also keep your emotions out of the ad, just state facts.

Finally you need some great photos of your property inside and out. If you are selling your house yourself and advertising online, you may even wish to consider a video tour. Photos should show your home at it’s best, so take them on a sunny day. The brighter the photos, the more clean and well kept your home will look. Remove all clutter and things like the kid’s toys and especially things that lurk on the top of cabinets, wardrobes and fridges, etc!

Selling without the aid of an agent is tough, especially during the current economic climate! If you desperately need to know how to Sell Your House Yourself then please read through my additional tips to get buyers literally flooding you with offers!