The Way to set up hosting and purchase a Domain Name

Your domain name is most likely the most important part of your business. It is what customers/users will be typing in their address bar as they search for your website. In the past, we were confined to .com and .co. Uk domain names a completely different selection was made accessible.

Securing a domain in webmail-gridhost very straightforward and inexpensive nowadays and can be finished in minutes. I prefer to use TSO Host for my domain and hosting due to cost the speed and ease of use. Their support is excellent when I need some help and I am never waiting.

When you’ve decided on a domain navigate to TSO Host and select your hosting package. Navigate to WordPress hosting and pick Business or Startup, based on if you plan on creating more than 3 sites on this bundle.

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Site first 1st wordpress tutorial

Press’Purchase Now’ below the hosting package you select and then enter your preferred domain name. The advantage with TSO Host is that you are given a domain with every hosting package. This will auto-renew following 12 months at a cost of 11.99.

Site first 1st wordpress tutorial

Press’Proceed’ and enter promo code’EMWORDPRESS10′, this usually gives you 10% off your own hosting. Enter your payment details and continue into the next screen.

Site first 1st wordpress tutorial You should have received directions.

After successfully logging in, you need to arrive at the Cloud Dashboard.

Site first 1st wordpress tutorialEnter the domain name you previously purchased with no www.

Site first 1st wordpress tutorial

  1. How to create email addresses

After establishing your hosting and domain, now you can create email addresses with your domain. Possessing gives your business an instant professional appearance. To make a personal email address head to Email Accounts.

  • Site first 1st wordpress tutorial
  • This is where you may observe any existing mailboxes which have already been created. To create a new mailbox .
  • Website first 1st wordpress tutorial
  • Input the desired email prefix, the password and then click Create New Mailbox.
  • Website first 1st wordpress tutorial

Your mailbox has been created, you should allow around 60 seconds before trying to get the mailbox. To access the mailbox . You can access your mailbox in a browser by simply clicking through a mail client on setup email or the Webmail link.

Site first 1st wordpress tutorial

To set up email in a customer such as Mail on MacOS or Windows 10, Microsoft Outlook, or via a customer on your mobile phone, start off by going to the Insert New Account section. Pick the’Other’ choice and proceed to bring the account with the details above.

Your username will be your full email address and the incoming and outgoing mail options are those mentioned above. Make certain it is the stated address in full and there is no prefix to the URL such as http: / /. As soon as you’ve entered all that info, test the email account is functioning by receiving and sending evaluation mails to that address. It is time, As soon as you have your email set up.