What to do if anyone makes a sword attack against you?

There are firm rules to defend yourself if you are not holding a Damascus steel sword. If anyone makes a sword attack right against you then there are defending tips which you should keep in mind. These sword attacks come out to be unpredictable and too dangerous at the same time. These swords can cause more of the heavy amount of damage as compared to a gun. So how can you deal with yourself if you face any sword attack? First, you have to stay rational and calm. Disabling your opponent, pushing him down, grabbing any of the stab-resistant shielding armor, these are few defensive measures which you can opt:

Try to disable your opponent

  • You can disable your challenger by opting a running option. Instead of getting involved with him in the fighting when you do not have any sword, then it is better to run from that situation.
  • You can strike or hit at the throat part of your attacker. This is the best way to push down your enemy. You have to make a hard strike and hit. Make a strike in a way that this hit disrupt the breathing section of your opponent or damage his trachea. As you will be fighting without a sword, so such strikes are needed.

Using forearms and elbows to strike at your foe

  • The better way to give a tough fight to your rival, you can use your forearms and elbows. You should use the harder parts of your body when making a strike. Your attack has to be painful. Use these body parts as your best weapons. These weapons will come out as a defending element of surprise for you.
  • You can attack your foe knees too. Knees are one of the incredibly and highly painful parts of any one’s body when they are being attacked! Attacking on your enemy knees, that means you are giving him a lot of pain.

Other defending tips if you are without a sword

  • Your body language should be shown in a way that you are interested in giving a tough fight. Running should be the second option, first, you should fight back. Even if you do not have a sword, if you have studied martial arts then this training will help you substantially.
  • This martial art training will tell you that how to defend against sword attacks and how to disarm weapons from your opponents’ side. While fighting, you have to keep up the good stance and posture. You should stand in as well walk in right in a dignified manner.

So if now someone tries to attack you with a sword, you definitely know what to do and how to deal with this attacking situation! Remain brave and even if you are without a weapon, you can still fight like a bravo! These defending tips are potentially and can be practically applicable during attacking and defending times. Rest of all regarding the collection of Damascus wedding band, we will update that too.