The Specialized Real Estate Seller will Sell More

The experienced real estate agent prefers to specialize in the sale of a type of property or in a geographical area, because he knows that it is the fastest way to earn high commissions. His knowledge and experience helps him to sell fast.

As the territory or situation dominates, you can get better customers faster and know what benefits are the ones that most interest these potential customers. Its protocol of action, that is, how it plans the sale, is more solid and realistic. He even knows what customers are like before he has the property for sale.

To sell an office, you cannot follow the same procedure as to sell a residential property. Although the fundamentals of sale are similar: prepare a dossier, prepare the argument, learn about the characteristics and benefits of the property, write the advertising, show a property …; Sales techniques have to adapt to the type of potential customer. For better understanding you can observe the sale pattern followed in Blue world City in Islamabad.

That is why it is easier, convenient and profitable, to specialize as a real estate seller and not try to sell any type of property e.g.

The Real Estate Seller Who Sells Everything.

One of the reasons why real estate agencies do not become profitable businesses is because they do not specialize themselves or because they do not have a real estate seller or several specialized in a certain area.

There are many real estate sellers and brokers that are successful, because they have been able to choose an under-exploited or poorly served market niche.

The most representative example is to specialize in the sale of industrial buildings. Another also significant example is to specialize in the sale of luxury properties. If a real estate seller thinks he can sell a $ 2.2 million villa without having specialized first, he will have an unpleasant surprise when he starts dealing with potential clients.

I always recommend real estate agencies that specialize their commercials in certain types of real estate, in certain geographical areas or in certain categories. In certain geographical areas? Yes, selling a holiday apartment in Cancun is not the same as selling it in Acapulco. Sell ​​it on the Valencian coast to sell it on the coast of Alicante.

What can you specialize in as a real estate seller? It all depends on the geographical area where you move, since you must specialize in some opportunity that the demand market offers you. Let’s put some examples

Examples of Specialization for the Real Estate Seller.

Specialize in the sale of properties that the owners themselves put on the market. Most real estate sellers will say that capturing this type of real estate for sale is not worth it.

Well, what if you already had the buyer for that house? What do things change? I know a real estate saleswoman who has designed a very effective method for property owners to convince themselves, (she doesn’t even try to convince them) , that marketing their property is not an easy task.

He knows how to call them, when to do it, what to say, how to get them to give him his property, (without exclusive), for sale, he knows what documentation to present to them to show them that they, (the owners) , will be unable to sell the real estate and knows how to earn their trust. Do not try to convince any owner. Their strategy is based on their conviction.

It has a perfectly designed action plan. She just read online and offline classifieds, find out who is selling directly and choose her client. It takes an average of 45 days to sell a property and never has more than 3 properties in the portfolio at the same time.

Specializing has allowed this real estate seller in Bogotá to leave the real estate agency where she worked and sell real estate independently. I hope this example throws a clear message to many real estate agents.

An example of specialization of great success is the case of a real estate agency on the island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, Spain, which specializes “exclusively” in the rental and sale of real estate to the gay community.   A highly profitable market niche. And by the way, the owners of the agency are not gay. A couple who realized a niche market with great demand and was not offered an exclusive service.

It all started with a trip to a real estate fair in London. One of the owners of the agency, Sky Marketing, realized that the real estate market was a growing niche in the Canary Islands, that it was not well covered and that it was not given good service in the Canary Islands. If there is a real estate agency that has not suffered the problems of the crisis in Spain,that is Oscar and Carolina’s real estate agency.

The real estate seller who specializes in a particular area or territory will enjoy his work more, because he dominates the situation, closes sales and earns better commissions. Success attracts success. Sales attract more sales if you are not complacent and use your time. All clients like to work with a real estate seller who has specialized. We all like to work with an expert.

How the Real Estate Seller Specializes.

It’s never too late to turn your real estate seller profile 180 degrees and become an expert in a certain field.

The fact that a real estate agency has a specialized approach provides you with better clients who will be willing to pay an extra amount for receiving the good service, that is, a specialized service.

The Real Estate Seller Specializes when:

1.- Choose a market niche that is profitable and where there is room to improve customer service. The choice of the niche is essential: sale of land, sale of restaurants, sale of small hotels, sale to Americans, sale of homes for the elderly, rental of homes of a certain price, etc. Mind you, focus your attention on just 1 topic.

2.- Create and promote your own personal brand.   For this, nothing better than creating an Information Guide for your target audience, recording informative videos and maintaining a blog.

3.- Learn continuously . A specialist is one who knows more than one subject than others. To do this you must create some information channels so that the information about the product or service you sell reaches you as soon as possible.

There is no better way to specialize as a real estate seller than to learn from experts. If you learn from mediocre, you will move in the field of mediocrity. There are no shortcuts in most things in this life; However to specialize you will find a good shortcut and this is to surround yourself with people who are already the way we want to be.

We would appreciate you leaving us a comment on this article. What do you think is the main impediment for a real estate seller to become an expert in a product or market? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.