How to know if my real estate website is indexed in google [Free Guide]

Have you ever wondered how your real estate website works on Google? Companies that are dedicated to creating and optimizing pages sometimes overlook that you, as the most important part of our project, must know certain minimum parameters that Google uses to register the pages of your website and accommodate them in their results. If not, how can you be sure that a large number of indexed pages of your website actually appears in Google results?

Specifically, a website for real estate like Capital Smart City NOC should be as perfectly indexed as possible, or otherwise, Google may not display certain pages with homes that you have in your list of real estate or transcendental contact information. We must be sure that Google collects as much as possible from our real estate websites. Let’s see how to check it and the solutions we can give to this crucial problem.

How Google works on web pages

The search engine works around three correlative processes to index your real estate website (show in your search index) that are created daily in the 2.0 environment:

Process 1: Crawling

The first step of Google is to know the existence of your website. Can you easily find it using your Googlebot tracking robot ? This tracking is carried out continuously in order to find as many indexed pages of your website as possible, but for this your real estate website has to be properly prepared to allow its pages to be crawled.

Process 2: Indexing

Googlebot finds and analyzes each page of your real estate website, finding keywords through which to gather the contents.

The more pages Googlebot finds and indexes, the more likely that your real estate website is easily reachable by your potential customers.

Process 3: Organization

It is the ranking of the results that Google shows and depends mainly on what the search engine considers relevant for the user. The relevance of a content is determined by more than 200 factors.

It is in this step that the web page positioning maneuvers that are carried out through real estate marketing actions are essential.

How to check if my real estate website is indexed in google and how many indexes

Once we have explained above how the process of indexing and organization of results of Google works, it is time to verify that the search engine has correctly indexed the largest number of pages of our real estate website.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

From do a search by entering the following words in the search bar: site: house for sale in rawalpindi

Remember to modify “” for the correct url of your website, which does not have to include “www”. Press “enter” and Google will automatically show you how many pages have been indexed from your real estate website.

Let’s look at an example with one of the real estate websites created with Sky Marketing technology. Go to google and type in the search engine: site:, you’ll see that Google returns you that has many indexed pages.

What to do for Google to index more pages

One of the techniques that programmers use to help Google track more content and real estate websites is to summarize the structure of your site through sitemaps, which is a kind of list where you combine and sort the pages of your web space as a organization chart, so that it facilitates the work of Google. In this link , the search engine explains step by step how to create and manage a sitemap. We understand that this step must be taken by the programmer with whom you work.